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Hi! As you can see, we’re packing, and at the same time we’re unpacking after moving into our new house. Some of the things I am NOT going to China without are:  My bunny, My pillow for the airplane, a few books (Mom says I have a lot of books) and Mom, Laura and Dad. (Hee Hee Hee!) Once when Dad went to China he looked for milk in a grocery store. Guess what?! It was 12 dollars!! Then he went to another and found it for 6 dollars. Oh, and another thing, we’re going to have a car and driver!  I think I am even going to be able to take ballet lessons in China.  I am SO exited! Well, it’s getting late so I better go. Bye!


Hey everyone!  I can still hardly believe we’re going to China.  Next month is going to be really busy packing, and getting ready to leave.  The hardest part is going to be deciding what to take and what to leave.  We’ll be able to ship 1000 pounds, and take one suitcase, and a box with us on the plane, plus our carry-on.  1000 pounds sounds like a lot, but it isn’t when you realize all you want to bring.  Especially since we’ll only take 800 hundred pounds or so, to leave room to bring stuff back that we get there.  We’ll have to do some shopping!  The apartments my dad has found sound pretty cool.  All have 3 bedroom, so I won’t have to share a room.  Yes!  A couple have a pool which would be nice, but one doesn’t.  Of course, it has everything else I’d want.  I’ve been wishing I could combine them!  We’ll make the final decision once we get there.  I’ve often been asked how I feel about going.  It’s a mixed feeling.  There’s so many things I’ll miss out on.  The Washington D.C trip with school, youth group activities, my after school strings group, Girl Scouts.  But at the same time I’ll be getting an expericence hardly anyone has.  Getting to live in another country.  Learning their culture, and seeing things you don’t see if you go on a vacation for a couple weeks there.  So I’m excited, little disappointed, and nervous about the whole thing.  Well, busy month ahead.  Only a little over a month till I’m on a plane to China!

Upcoming change of address


This is our first attempt at blogging, but with our upcoming change of address, this seemed like a good way to share our experiences and adventures with family and friends.  If you’ve found your way here, you probably know we are temporarily relocating to Shanghai, China.  David has taken a new position within his company and will be working with the Chinese as they expand their hybrid business there.  His company has generously agreed to send the girls and I with him.  We will leave in mid-September and return next March.

I will be homeschooling the girls.   They will have their own “posts” as part of their assignments, so look for fairly regular updates from both once we’ve settled there.

Hope you enjoy!

Carol Ann


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