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Leaving November 8th!


Well, we now have a date which makes moving to China for six months a reality for everyone.  I thought I had planned and prepared quite a lot all ready, but now that there is a deadline, it doesn’t feel like I’ve done much of anything.  At the moment, I’m trying to pack the boxes that will be air-shipped.  Unfortunately we won’t receive the shipment for 3 or 4 weeks after we arrive, so nothing can be shipped that we will need soon.  So, several boxes I had all ready packed, had to be unpacked so some things could go into our luggage.

We are a mix of feelings, excited, nervous, anxious. . .  There is so much to do to leave your life in one country and prepare to live in another country so different from your own.  We are excited about the opportunity to see and do things we would not able to do otherwise.  However, China will be a dramatically different place to live and not just because of the language and culture differences.  What is “normal” for us will likely be challenged by our environment.  But, it’s a great opportunity and a tremendous learning experience for all of us, particularly our girls.

We appreciate your thoughts and prayers for safe travel and a wonderful experience.  Check back here for new posts, as we prepare to leave and then settle in to our new, temporary life in China.  Our posts will be categorized by author, so it will be easy to follow us as a family or just one of us.

Carol Ann


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