Our family's stay in Shanghai, China

We took a drive to Launceston (pronounced Lawn ces ton), Tasmania, about 2 1/2 hours from Richmond to see Cataract Gorge.  We had heard about the gorge and a chairlift over it.  The day was beautiful, cool temps, sunny and bright blue skies.  The gorge was interesting, beautiful views and nice hiking, but there really wasn’t much else to see and do in the Launceston area.

Our ride on the chairlift was eventful.  About 2/3 of the way across, I heard something beside me and when I looked down, I watched my backpack tumbling to the ground.  We were above some trees and bushes, so its descent was slowed before it landed.  Both my purse and Book Nook were in it.  Some people on the ground called to us and asked if there was money it it.  I replied, “Yes, but it’s Chinese money.”  A couple hiking below picked it up and returned it when we got off the chairlift.  And, we decided I have the most durable Book Nook Barnes and Noble has made.  It survived without a scratch!

We’ll let you enjoy the trip through our photos!

A view of Cataract Gorge

Jenna and David heading off on the chairlift.

The chairlift heading toward Laura and Mom. Like ski lifts, it doesn’t stop, you have to be ready to jump on!

Laura on the chairlift.

Cataract Gorge from the chairlift

Hiking around Cataract Gorge after our ride on the chairlift.

A view of the pedestrian suspension bridge which was built in 1904.

Laura and Jenna on the Suspension Bridge

Our first and only sighting of a kangaroo in the wild in Australia occurred in Cataract Gorge. We saw him twice. The first time he was just meandering through the brush and we were so excited to see him!!

We saw him a few minutes later as he bounded uphill crossing the path 3 or 4 feet in front of us. Sorry it’s slightly out of focus. He wasn’t interested in stopping to pose.

Jenna takes a break on our hike in Cataract Gorge.

On our way back to Richmond, David chose the scenic route which wound into the mountains and back down again. On the drive, we saw this incredible rainbow which formed the full arch across the sky.


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