Our family's stay in Shanghai, China

We Are Home!

For those of you we have not seen or emailed, the girls and I are home!  We arrived back in Noblesville on July 18th after about 24 hours of travel, hotel room to our front porch.  We have been tired, adjusting, jet lagged and reacquainting ourselves with home.  Here are a few photos of our last days in Shanghai.  The girls and I toured and shopped in between packing boxes and suitcases.

We will have a few blogs coming in the next few weeks on our overall experience and things we will and will not miss about China.    Thanks for your thoughts, prayers, packages and emails while we were in China.  It was a neat experience, challenging, frustrating, interesting and amazing.

Laura and Jenna enjoy popcorn before the acrobatic show.

Traffic waiting to turn left does not always yield to oncoming traffic going straight. At this intersection, it was particularly bad pretty often. Our van and a bus on the right were trying to go straight. I snapped this photo as we passed the crosswalk on the opposite side of the intersection. The turning cars kept turning sharper and sharper, crossing the oncoming lanes of traffic before they even reached the intersection.

A homemade dumpster built on the sidewalk outside a building under renovation.

Remnants of firecrackers on the sidewalk near our apartment.  This was not an unusual sight.  They are used often to celebrate things like weddings or business openings.

The sidewalk barbershop near our apartment. He was apparently giving his client a shave. A small bowl of water was sitting on top of the bucket.

One of Jenna’s favorite places to play was on the floor in front of her large window. She often sat in the window sill to color or read. It was a great place to spread out her horses and fencing.

A restored church building just off the Bund. Built in the late 1800s, it burned in the early 2000s and was recently restored. Many of the church buildings from the late 1800s are no longer used as churches.

A beautiful wood revolving door on the Astor Hotel, a hotel from the mid-1800s and still used as a hotel with much of the interior restored. Ulysses S Grant once stayed in this hotel.

One of our favorite finds in China were palm paintings done solely with various parts of your hand.

Sorry for the slight blur. I was snapping this photo from the van as this three-wheel car passed by, loaded with cardboard.

Delivery cart loaded with boxes.

Sidewalk repair shop for bicycles and mopeds. His tools and supplies are in the cabinet on the right.

Mr. Yuan with the girls. He was one of our favorite drivers and was one of the two we most often had. Very friendly and gentlemanly. Did not want the girls or I to open our door. Apologized to us if we did, as if he had not gotten there fast enough. Mr. Yuan was one of our favorite parts about China. Except for the time he pulled in front of an ambulance, he drove safely, although a little jerky with the gas pedal.

This moped carried a small child (seated in front of the driver) with what appear to be grandparents. It was pretty common to see two adults with a child on a moped, bicycle or motorcycle.

Land space is limited, so businesses build up, not out. Drive-thrus are almost unheard of partly because of the space needed for them. This McDonald’s, apparently, cooks on the upper floor and sends prepared food down to fill the orders via this vertical conveyor.


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